seeking valid relief (joylessroots) wrote in humanae_vitae,
seeking valid relief


I just realized I joined this Sunday and never introduced myself.

Hello! My name is Emily. I'm 20, going on 21 (Oct. 6th), and I'm actually pregnant with my first baby and due the 16th of October! It was an unplanned pregnancy, but I am 100% prolife, and despite the fact that I had a baby out of wedlock, I believe this was meant to be. My husband and I were already engaged at least when we found out, and we got legally married as a start, in hopes to get married in the Church this summer.

I wanted to join this group because I plan to use NFP. I don't believe in contraception, and didn't use it even when I was having premarital sex, just because I didn't want to do two things against my faith. I want to actually learn how to do NFP properly, and ever since an interesting run-in with my mother-in-law re: birth control (long story, if I can find my post in the pregnant community about it I'll give the link) a few weeks ago, I felt prompted to find a community in favor of NFP for support.

So there's my story, in short. I've always been called to be a mother, and essentially I just got a start earlier than I'd expected.
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