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humanae_vitae's Journal

God is the author of Life.
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This is a support group for anyone who is pro-larger families and
anti-contraception. I must admit, I started this community as a safe
place to vent about such sentiments as "Well, we've had our two kids, so
hubby got snipped!" and "I'm pregnant with our second AND LAST child."
that I see on all the message boards I frequent.
However, I don't want this to be all negative and snarky, so anything positive, uplifting, and on-topic is perfectly welcome!

This is, in fact, a support group for people who already have this way of thinking. If you are looking for information or a better understanding of this position you are not unwelcome but might do better over at humanaevitaeedu, which I have set up for this specific purpose.

On-topic posts include:
*Gushing about how you love kids and want to have 10 (whether you're already working on it or not!)
*Discussing sibling relationships in larger families, be they your kids, you & your siblings, or someone you know.
*Wedding, baby, or family photos (please use lj-cut for large or numerous pictures!)
*Sharing how/when you decided you wanted a big family, you wanted to leave it in God's hands, or you were against birth control.
*Family's and friends' reactions to such decisions.
*Pregnancy, birth, or breastfeeding-related discussions.
*Anti-birth control rants.
*Rants about people who seem to see children as commodities rather than gifts.
*Use your good judgment--if it seems to fit the theme, it's probably ok to post.

PLEASE POST AN INTRO WHEN YOU JOIN! We'd love to see who is with us.