adrienne (schneckerock) wrote in humanae_vitae,

healthcare costs be damned; big families pwned you!

obviously this wouldn't work in every situation, but let me tell you about my aunt. aunts, I should say, and mom, and here is why:

my mom is one of 8 kids, 6 girls and 2 boys. the boys don't really feature in this story... the youngest girl has a very rare, debilitating disease. she's in a wheelchair and needs help getting dressed in the morning and at night. otherwise, she can get through the day as long as she's where her wheelchair can go. even though she's the shortest of her sisters, she is taller than her husband and the adult daughter she has living at home, so it's hard for them to help her with showering and getting dressed. so? her sisters come to the rescue! the 5 of them take turns going over there in the morning and evening and helping her out.

recently she was in the hospital (I think they decided it was pneumonia) and the strength she still had in her arms is now minimal, mainly because she wasn't doing her everyday things while laying in a hospital bed, so she got weaker. she is coming home on saturday and will need physical therapy. they could get stuck seeing if and how much their insurance would pay, but, you know her sisters won't allow that. tomorrow they are spending the day learning how to do the physical therapy she needs, so they can do it with her themselves.

on a related note, I have a friend who's oldest daughter has some brain injury from birth. so she decided she is going to have 5 kids total. she never wants her oldest in a home, but knows she will probably not be able to care for her at some point way in the future when she is elderly or dead. so she is hoping one of her other children will take her in when that time comes.

and this is kind of unrelated, but relevant to the community and it's about the aunt I mentioned above. during her recent hospital stay, she was visited by a nephew (my cousin), and his live-in girlfriend. now, I don't know why she was dumb enough to move in with him, seeing as she wants to get married and have a baby, he doesn't really want either, and now he has no incentive to do either. they have 3 little annoying dogs. so they two of them are visiting my aunt in the hospital and they happen to mention they are thinking of.. getting a 4th dog. and my aunt says to him, "to hell with a puppy, get her a baby instead!" ;)
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